Working with startups…

Working with startups is exciting yet challenging. As during the teething phase, startups are quite volatile and you hardly find sustainability. Many startups even struggle to meet their liabilities and glide into debts earlier than expected. In such conditions, it is very hard to decide for many to start their career with a startup or a well-established organization.

Before jumping into any decision, I would like to withdraw your attention towards following main factors to ensure, you pick the right organization at the very start of your career.


The first step even before applying for any job is, self-assessment. You need to ask yourself the very basic question is what value could you possibly bring to the marketplace? Once you have pondered on this question, your personality, competencies, goals, and values will automatically find the right direction.

Finding Facts

After completing swift analysis about yourself. Your next step should be shortlisting few startups which fit with your profile and excite you enough to apply for the suitable position.

Google is at your disposal. You could enlighten yourself by searching maximum information about those shortlisted startups. Focus more on the team they have in the initial phase, as those will be the people who will make or break the startup.

Match Making

If you have properly completed first two steps, then you won’t find any difficulties in going for a match. Choose your startup and give it a full go.

Career Progression Possibilities

Once you are onboard with your favorite startup, now your focus should be only on delivering your best and career progression. Like Jim Rohn said. The right question is not what you are getting but what you are becoming. Keep pondering on this question and you will soon find out whether you are growing or not.

Hopefully, my first-hand experience will give you enough insight to kickstart your career with your chosen startups.

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