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Matchmaking is though, oh yes it is especially in headhunting. I have been hiring for various positions since 2012 for my own company and now for others as well. I have hired people in specific locations, build virtual teams, hired people for a specific project and now running my own startup to ensure an endless supply of right people for the ICT sector.

Hiring is certainly time-consuming and even becomes a pain if you are filling a niche position or job which is high in demand. Companies and startups often love to complain about not finding enough resumes or the right talent for the position without even sorting their own house first.

After spending hundreds of hours and making mistakes I thought it would be a good time to share my first-hand experience with the community. Allow me to enlighten you with my tips.

Work on your job description
Whether you are an individual hiring for your startup or HR manager working for a decent size company, you really need to work on your job description before even doing anything else. Try to stay close to reality and find a balance between your expectations and actual job requirements.

You also must have read many jobs descriptions in which companies and startups waste most of their time in telling about themselves instead of focusing on what they are looking for or offering. Also, most of the job descriptions are abruptly put together content as most of the HR folks aren’t technical and as soon as things start going tough they heavily rely on google instead of consulting with the appropriate teammate who could help them to put up requirements together.

Most of the headhunters add lengthy paragraphs in job descriptions instead of using bullets, which are easy on eyes and brings more clarity to the reader.

One of the biggest missing links I have noticed on the job description is ‘authorities section’. Each position you are hiring for gives your employees a certain level of authority to execute their duties without getting bogged down in permissions.

Work on your job advert

I simply hate the new trend of creating an infographic having large icons and almost no information at all about the job. Even google doesn’t like it as it kills the search engine optimization. Bots can’t read it either re-post, and it kills the opportunity to share easily on different social media. Come on HR folks! Put some effort in your job advert, instead of giving 3 lines to the graphic designer and keep him busy for your own work.

Use The right channels for the job advertisement

I am not against any social media groups, pages or even your personal timeline, however, my only thought is to share them first on the right channel which is your website or favorite local job portal. Lately, you could share the same URL on your favorite social media page or groups. It will help you to generate traffic on your website.

Setup your goals on google analytics and analyze KPIs to gauge the success or failure of the post to ensure future success.

By using google analytics or any other analytics to compile data against each hit which will give you real insights on your post and you could gauge the success or failure rate to improve it in the future.

and it works for me…………….

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